Curwensville, Pa 

Rescue Hose & Ladder Company

2021-2022 EMS Officers 

2021-2022 Executive Officers 

  • President: Charles Wall*
  • Vice-President: Marc Hatten*
  • Recording Secretary: Curt Bloom*
  • Financial Secretary: Rosanna Fye*
  • Treasurer: Robert Shearer*

About Us...

* Indicates the 9 positions that make up the Board of Directors

The Rescue Hose and Ladder Company is a multi-branched non-profit public safety organization based in Curwensville, Pennsylvania. 

The RHL Board of Directors oversees all divisions of company operations, including the Fire Department, Ambulance Service, Training Center, and Social Club (The SmokeHouse). The organizations monthly meeting is held on the first Monday of the month (excluding national holidays) and is open to all Active Members. 

2021-2022 House Committee


  • Committee Chairman: Zach McGary*
  • Member: Nathan Smith
  • Member: Rosanna Fye

Company Chaplin: Gary Jewart

2021-2022 Fire Department Line  Officers 

  • Fire Chief: Shawn Fye*
  • Deputy Chief: Nathan Smith
  • Assistant Chief: Cory Bloom
  • Captain: Michael Woodling
  • Lieutenant: Kyle Bloom
  • Rescue Chief: Marc Hatten​

2021-2022 EMS Committee


  • Committee Chairman: Michael Bell*
  • Member: David McClure
  • ​Member: Cory Bloom

2021 - 2022 Company Trustees

  • Head Trustee: Jason Bloom*
  • Trustee: Kyle Bloom
  • ​Trustee: Cory Bloom