Curwensville, Pa 

Rescue Hose & Ladder Company

This membership application must be printed out and filled out completely. Once completed, it can be brought in to the Smokehouse during business hours. The Bartender on-duty will need to make a copy of your Government issued ID, so make sure to have it with you. 

The Smokehouse is located at 408-410 Filbert St, Curwensville, PA 16833. Turn East onto North Street from Filbert Street. The doors to enter the club is on the left right before the building ends. 

Social Membership

The Social Club is accepting applications for membership. Those wishing to join the company as a Social Club member shall have no vote at any company meetings, and are entitled to Social Club privileges only. 

Requirements for Membership: 

  • Be 21 years of Age
  • Complete the application linked below and return to the Smokehouse
  • Receive a Membership Sponsorship (on the Application)