Curwensville, Pa 

Rescue Hose & Ladder Company

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Rescue Hose and Ladder Co. Ambulance Service is a paid and volunteer, non-profit ambulance service. We are the newest ALS service in Clearfield County, with a total of 1,400 calls in the year of 2018.
      We provide Basic Life Support (BLS), Intermediate Advanced Life Support (IALS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) to Curwensville and Grampian Boroughs, as well as the Townships of Pike, Penn, Bloom, Ferguson, and Knox. We also provide mutual aid to the following ambulance services as needed: Clearfield EMS, Dubois EMS, Houtzdale-Ramey EMS, Madera EMS, Irvona EMS, Mahaffey EMS, Brady Township EMS.
        We have a fleet of 3 Advanced and Basic life support ambulances, an EMS Command, and a Mass Casualty Unit (MCU); all certified by PA Department of Health. Our service is prepared and certified for Pediatric care, we are one of four ambulance services with this certification in our region.


Rescue Hose and Ladder Co. Ambulance Service offers a great place to start your medical career, and is also a wonderful place to work on school work and study.

Ambulance Service Management

​EMS Director (850) - Robert Shearer​

​EMS Supervisor - Megan Witherite