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You may have questions about your bill for Rescue Hose and Ladder Company. We completely understand! Medical Billing can get confusing very quickly. We try and be as transparent as possible, but it is easy to get lost. This may help you better understand your bill. Still confused or have questions? Call our Billing Office! We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.  This page applies to all patients receiving a bill from RHL Billing Department:  (RHL Ambulance, Houtzdale-Ramey, and Karthus Ambulance Service). 

Located towards the bottom of the bill, you can see the description of payment. 

  • Insurance Payment: This will say what insurance company, and tell the amount they paid. 
  • Adjustment Insurance: This is what is to be written off the bill, based on the Insurance Companies Fee Schedule. 
  • Pay this amount: This is the amount presently due to the ambulance service. This number could be the full amount charged, or the adjusted amount after insurance payments. 

​All EMS Agencies

This is a sample of the invoice you may receive from the RHL Billing Department for services provided by any of the ambulance services we provide billing services for, such as Rescue Hose and Ladder Company Ambulance Service, Houtzdale-Ramey EMS, and Karthus Ambulance Service. 

This will reflect your specific ambulance service  ------------>

Detach and Return With Payment

Located in the middle of the bill, you can see the description of the charges.

  • ALS 1: This may change, depending on the treatments you were given: Examples include: BLS Emergency, ALS 1, ALS 2, BLS Non-Emergency, ALS Non-Emergency, etc. (All prices are determined by the companies Fee Schedule.)
  • ALS Mileage: There is a mileage charge for all transported patients.  (All prices are determined by the companies Fee Schedule.)

Located at the top right of the bill, you can see the details of the call. 

  • Patient Number: The patient number is unique to the patient listed on the call (Directly across from on the left side of the page) 
  • Patient Name: Top Left of the page
  • Call Number: This number is unique to the call this invoice if for. This number is never repeated in our system within each ambulance service. It is typically 7 digits.
  • Date of Call: This can also be referred to as the Date of Service. This is when the services were provided to the patient.
  • From Location: This is the address we began care of the patient (usually the dispatched address. 
  • To Location: If the patient was transported, this is where they were transported to. 
  • Reason(s) for Transport: These are the ICD-10 codes listed on the bill, used by insurance companies for how to process payments. 

RHL Ambulance Patients Only

Description of Charges

Located at the bottom of your bill. 

  • Patients of RHL Ambulance (in Curwensville, PA): You can detach that stub, and place it, along with a check for the amount in an envelope and mail it to the Station in Curwensville (408-410 Filbert Street, Curwensville, PA 16833). Alternatively, you can process your payments on our online system. Please click here to be routed to that page. 
  • Patients of Houtzdale-Ramey EMS and Karthus Ambulance Service: Please detach this stub, fill out the amount enclosed line, and mail it to the prospective stations (address will be listed on the stub). We currently do not offer online payments for Houtzdale-Ramey EMS or Karthus Ambulance Service invoices. 

Description of Payment

Understanding Your Bill