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If you are unable to find answers to your questions, feel free to call our Billing Specialists during Business Hours. They will be happy to help! 814-236-3111

I received an Invoice in the mail. What does that mean? 

  • ​The Rescue Hose and Ladder Company submits insurance claims on behalf of three ambulance services in the region. (Rescue Hose and Ladder Ambulance, Houtzdale-Ramey EMS, and Karthus Ambulance Service) If you do not have insurance, or you have co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles - you will receive an invoice from us for your remaining balance. Your invoice will lay out what your insurance has already paid. 

I have insurance, but my invoice doesn't say there was a claim filed. Why? 

  • There can be several reasons we did not file a claim to your insurance. The most common of those include:
    • ​We did not have your insurance information. (Could be including auto insurance)
    • Your insurance provider denied payment for the claim. 
    • The services you were provided are not covered by insurances. (See below)

What services are not covered by insurance plans?

  • Most commercial insurances, Medicare, and Medicaid do not cover the following services provided by EMS agencies. 
    • ​Lift Assist
    • Treat/No Transport
    • Not-Medically Necessary Transportation
  • ​When these services are provided, you are billed at the agencies specific fee schedule for that service. (Call the Billing office for more information on Fee Schedules)

What do I do if I cannot afford this bill? 

  • In extreme cases, the Rescue Hose and Ladder Company does have a process to assist you with all or a portion of your outstanding balance. We understand emergencies are never planned and can be a burden on your finances. Rescue Hose and Ladder Company is always willing to work with you to help ease the burden on your financial obligations. 

What about payment plans? 

  • We understand that medical bills may cause ‘sticker shock’ when looking at the cost of providing Emergency Medical Care. We are willing to discuss many options that may assist you in paying your outstanding balance. Contact our Billing Office (814-236-3111) to discuss what options we may have for you!  Recurring Payment Plans are available for Rescue Hose and Ladder Ambulance Patients. 


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