Curwensville, Pa 

Rescue Hose & Ladder Company


The Rescue Hose and Ladder Company is not a COVID-19 Testing Site. Please visit local health systems, or the PA Dept. of Health website for testing locations. 

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, talk with your health care provider about getting tested.  If you are asymptomatic (no symptoms) and would like to schedule a test, you must do so through your healthcare provider or the PA Department of Health. 


The Rescue Hose and Ladder Company recommends all eligible individuals receive COVID-19 vaccination. To learn more about COVID-19 vaccination and available sites throughout Pennsylvania head to the Pennsylvania Department of Health COVID-19 vaccination page.

The Rescue Hose and Ladder Company does not provide COVID-19 vaccinations. 


We’ve taken numerous precautions to protect our crew members, patients, and the public including:

  • All visitors are encouraged to wear a face mask.
  • Limiting passengers on ambulance transports
  • Frequent and thorough cleaning regimens of clinical and work areas
  • Adding layers of protection to keep our crews safe whenever we can
  • Encouraging all to become vaccinated against COVID-19


 Protect yourself!

 Wash your hands for 20 sec. & cover   your cough.

 Stay home! If you are sick and       concerned, call your primary care       provider or 2-1-1

 Do not call 9-1-1 or go to the ER unless   you have serious signs like shortness of   breath or changes in mental status.