Monthly Call Totals For 2015


 Fire  EMS
 Jan 2 23


 Total 2 23
Fire and EMS Calls are as of:
January 6, 2015

Emergency Phone Number:

Station Phone Number:
(814) 236-2960

SmokeHouse Phone Number:
(814) 236-0390
Website last updated:
January 6, 2015

Rescue Hose and Ladder Company 

Curwensville, PA

Fill out Application and Drop it off at the Station.

Upcoming Events

1.  Breakfast Buffet - January 11, 2015 at 9 am to 1 pm.

Wing Nights are back at the Smoke House! Every Sunday from 1-9 pm             $5.00 per dozen. 1/2 dozen and take-out is regular price.

2015 Fire Emergency Calls:

Incident Number 2.  January 4, 2015.  Local Box 8C.  Time of Call:  20:34.  The Rescue Hose and Ladder Fire Company was dispatched to Hudson and Bailey Roads, Curwensville Borough, for tree down, blocking the roadway.  Deputy 8 was dispatched, and upon arriving on scene, requested Rescue 8-2 be dispatched. Rescue 8-2 arrived on scene and removed the tree from the roadway, reallowing traffic flow to continue. Time Available:  20:54  Units Operating on the Box:  Deputy 8 and  Rescue 8-2. 

Incident Number 1
.  January 2, 2015.  Fire Box 29G. Time of Call: 09:50.  The Rescue Hose and Ladder Company Fire Department was dispatched to 265 Straw Lane, Greenwood Township, for a Structure Fire.  Engine Tanker 8-1 and Engine Tanker 8-2 both responded with a total of 10 personnel. Once on scene the crews assisted with extinguishing the fire and overhaul of the fire scene. Chief 29 then released all company 8 equipment from the scene to go available. Time Available:  11:31  Units Operating on the Box: Chief 29; Engine 29-1; Engine 29-2; Engine Rescue 29; Engine 9-1; Engine Rescue 9; Engine Rescue 45; Engine Tanker 6; Engine Tanker 8-1; Engine Tanker 8-2; Rescue 5; Tanker 30; Ambulance 2952; and Red Cross.
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